Fudge the resolutions: Don’t get caught up in the details


Stand back and see the full picture
I know people love and hate their New Years resolutions but it never dawned on me that it was something of importance until I got older and started noticing that the people in the media kept asking about them, while people on Instagram and Facebook kept proclaiming them.
Today, I still find it pointless. Probably because I find that my goals are constantly changing and that everyday is a new day to have a goal.
Looking back on 2015 I realized that I never set any new years resolutions but that I did get a lot out of last year. I moved from the cold northwest to warm southeast in the United States and continued my education. I changed my major to something I really wanted to do. I got closer with my family after ironically moving on the other side of the country from my parents and somehow, I managed to eat better and like myself more. Not because I set any resolutions but because I straight up ask myself everyday, “what do you really want?” Then I take action, and hope for the best. Sometimes it works, most times not in the way I was expecting. I always forget about my goals but the bigger picture never leaves me: peace with myself, peace with the world (believe me I have had enough anxiety in my short 22 years to set peace as an everyday goal for the rest of my earthly journey).
I am very forgetful and will more than likely forget everything that I wrote here but I  am stubborn and will not let myself accept less than the willingness to try something out. Everyday I ask myself what I want and what I am willing to do to get it. Every action has a consequence. I say fudge the resolutions, and start living everyday with awareness. Try, try again, then try something else and stand back to see the full picture.

One thought on “Fudge the resolutions: Don’t get caught up in the details

  1. I so agree with you about resolutions. Posted something similar in my post “Hope”.

    And it is nice… 2015 turned out good for you… Without resolution.

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